4 de febrero de 2009

Israel continues pounding Gaza

Israeli warplanes have attacked the northern town of Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip shortly after pounding the southern areas of the sliver.
Israeli warplanes attacked the city hours after striking the Rafah border region in southern Gaza Strip, according to a Press TV correspondent in the area.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who was addressing the annual Herzliya Conference at the time of the attack, informed the audience that the military "is currently operating in the Gaza Strip."
Tel Aviv had recently stopped an all-out war on the densely-populated area, but resumed the attacks shortly after realizing that it failed to achieve its primary goals set against the Hamas government.
Israel's 23-day long Operation Cast Lead killed almost 1,400 people in the Gaza Strip, but eventually failed to destroy Hamas's military power.
As Israel continues to BREAK THE CEASE FIRE, the American media and American politicians continue to pretend that it is not happening. They continue to lie to the American people about reality.

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