5 de enero de 2012

Avaaz.org works for the U.S. NATO Israel military agenda

The supposedly human rights defenders organization AVAAZ hides its real purposes under popular petitions. They actually have raised voices against Khadafi and Assad to help manipulate uprisings in favor of the US NATO Israel military agenda.
The uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia and Syria have been orchestrated by the U.S. and are part of a broader agenda to attack Iran and then corner Russia and China.
In 2011 they made an appeal to United Nations Security Council delegates, European Foreign Ministers, and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to impose specific actions (sanctions, asset freezes) and to stop and prosecute the violence against civilians in the 2011 Libyan "uprising"and an appeal to United Nations Security Council to create an internationally enforced no-fly zone to "protect civilians" over Libya. This uprising is well documented to have been started by NATO in order to remove Khadafi and control their rich oil and gas reserves and for geopolitical strategies.
They are now claiming that Assad from Syria tortures hundreds of civilians (what for?) in overcrowded prisons, jails and illegal detention centers across the country since the uprising began in March(!?).
AVAAZ forms part of all the false MEDIA PROPAGANDA alongside Fox, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and many others to invade Syria which is a strong Iran ally.
AVAAZ will go after Iran subsequently.